Racism in America Today

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Racism in America today is, to a very significant degree, a manufactured problem, crafted by woke Leftists in order to overthrow the American way of life. They claim there exists an intolerable, all-pervasive system of white oppression. They call this “systemic racism,” by which they mean that racism is embedded into every nook and cranny of America life: its institutions, values, customs and language. If you disagree, they cancel you. They may even inflict violence.

The woke tell us that racism has gotten worse, but this is drivel. As everyone can plainly see, the less actual racism there is in America, the more of it the woke Left insists it sees. The woke Left accuse America of being “systemically racist” not because it’s true, nor even because they think it’s true, but because it is the most powerful weapon in their arsenal.