About Tom Klingenstein

Tom Klingenstein is the chairman of the Claremont Institute, he is also a public speaker, a writer, and a playwright. He believes that we are in a cold civil war. The enemy—what he calls the “Woke Comms”—are winning, in large measure because Republican leaders have yet to engage. His essays, speeches and plays all encourage Republicans to do just that— to think, talk, and act as if we are at war. Among his essays are “Preserving the American Way of Life” and “Fighting the Mob.” His election speech, “A Man vs. A Movement” was viewed by millions of his fellow Americans. His most recent play, “If Only” explores a fictional interracial love story with Abraham Lincoln playing the role of matchmaker.

Tom Klingenstein

This is a war not over the size of government or taxes, but over the American way of life.

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America is Good

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Trump 2020: A Man vs. A Movement

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A Cold Civil War

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The War