Part I: The War

We are living amidst a Cold Civil War.

We are in the midst of a Cold Civil War. However, we lack true generals. A war without generals is a war without a purpose. There is no such thing as liberty or death; there is only death, the destruction of our once-loved nation.

Leading Republicans who should be our generals fight battles, sometimes valiantly, but they don’t seem to view the war as a whole, especially in terms of its cultural dimensions. This is a struggle over the American way of life, not about the size of government or taxation. Those who salute the flag and those who take a knee are at odds. Those who believe America is founded on liberty and those who believe America is founded on racism. There are some who believe America is good and those who believe America is awful. These chasms are too great to overcome. This is what distinguishes it as a conflict. A Cold Civil War, in this situation.