Hamas and Woke Tyranny

Help Israel defeat Hamas. Support SoldiersSaveLives.org, for Israel’s sake, and America’s, too.

Editor’s Note – This essay was originally published by Newsmax on November 22, 2023.

Since October 7, all the world and all Americans have seen vividly that what the genocidal Hamas terrorists intend for Israel, the Woke tyrants intend for Western Civilization and for America: annihilation. Israel’s war against Hamas terrorists is part of the West’s war and America’s war against Woke tyranny. 

My siblings and I decided a good way to support Israel and fight the woke tyranny was by giving to SoldiersSaveLives.org, Join the fight! – Tom

Friends of Israel in America and around the world have wondered since October 7 how to help the Jewish State defeat Hamas. In a totally unprovoked surprise attack, these genocidal anti-Semitic terrorists slaughtered 1,200 Israelis and 31 Americans and kidnapped 240 others. Soldiers Save Lives offers a particularly satisfying way to accelerate their richly deserved annihilation.

“I support SSL, a group that provides military supplies because they are the most urgent need at the moment,” Tom Klingenstein told me. The Manhattan-based financier and chairman of the Claremont Institute added, “I am confident that very little of their money goes to overhead. The group is led by Gidon Hazony, who, it turns out, is a very impressive young man.”

Hazony co-founded SSL just 48 hours after the October 7 massacre. That Shabbat morning, he received a text message from a close friend named David Newman who was at the Nova Music Festival near Re-Im. “Pray for me,” it said. Another text stated: “Something terrible happened.” Then: The sound of silence.

Hazony and several fellow paramedics rushed toward the concert site. They soon discovered the horrible truth: Hamas killers flew paragliders from Gaza into southern Israel at daybreak. They landed and opened fire on music fans who had been dancing until dawn at an overnight psychedelic rave.

As the bullets destroyed the peace, the Israelis and foreign visitors ran for their lives as the Hamas gunmen shot them, many in their backs, some point-blank. Others took refuge in bomb shelters, only to be murdered by Hamas’ grenade-lobbing butchers. Some survived by hiding beneath the corpses and playing dead for hours, as the Iranian-backed barbarians hunted fresh victims.

All told, terrorists killed 364, including Hazony’s friend, David.

Hazony and five compatriots resolved immediately to assist those who are yanking this ominous weed out by the roots.

“Our soldiers will stop for nothing to protect our nation, land, and State,” Hazony told me. “We, too. SSL will stop for nothing to assist, support, and protect our soldiers. This is war.”

The group’s motto is simple, yet inspiring: “Soldiers Save Lives. Gear Saves Soldiers.” SSL’s website explains its dual logistical missions: “We gather donations of light tactical gear in our US warehouse, ship them to Israel, and distribute them directly to units in need.”

So far, SSL has raised and allocated more than $1 million in gifts. Its 10 flights, with free cargo space courtesy of El Al, have transported 100 tons of purchased and contributed equipment worth $10 million. This material has been delivered to 15 IDF and security units. These include ballistic glasses, high-tech communication devices, bulletproof vests, ballistic helmets and more light equipment.

“We’re doing what we have to do, but we’re doing it alone,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Fox News Channel’s Mark Levin on Sunday, regarding the fight against Hamas. “We’re doing it for our sake. But we’re also doing it for your sake. And we have to win, otherwise this disease will spread, and it will consume civilization.”

Israel need not do this alone, nor should it.

Help Israel defeat Hamas. Support SoldiersSaveLives.org, for Israel’s sake, and America’s, too.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.